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Corporate Sustainability Summit: Go ESG 2020

Capital Markets Malaysia is a proud sponsor of the corporate sustainability summit: Go ESG 2020. Held virtually, the 1-month exhibition and 2-day conference will revolve around a familiar theme, The Business of Recovering Better: A Resilient & Sustainable ASEAN by Design.

While answers to when, if, and how the post-Covid era will change ASEAN remains uncertain, the challenge staring down at us is how to make the regional economic recovery from the pandemic an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable one.

If ASEAN is to live up to its destiny of becoming the 4th largest economy in the world by 2030, ASEAN business must demonstrate leadership through decisive action on sustainability issues impacting on its future.

It is an opportunity to rethink, redesign and reconstruct a fair and equitable economy in the creation of the world we want – not to revert to the old normal but resetting for a sustainable and integrated global system in the post pandemic era.

Through a series of engaging sessions with regulators, CEOs, sustainability practitioners and entrepreneurs the conference will explore ways to embed sustainability within corporate strategies, investments and policies through sustainable innovation.