A key priority for Capital Markets Malaysia (CMM) is to implement initiatives to build an ecosystem that leverages on sustainable and responsible investments (SRI). As part of this strategy, CMM will lead and collaborate with strategic partners in the establishment of regional Centres of Excellence (COE) to accelerate the capabilities of the country’s industry players in SRI.

The first of these is the formation of the Centre for Sustainable Corporations (CSC). The purpose of CSC is to build sustainable practices amongst public listed companies and to ensure the manner in which these companies raise financing is sustainable. The COE will provide a platform to develop expertise and positioning of Malaysian corporates as sustainable companies for investment by sustainable investors looking at opportunities in emerging market. 


Environment and social factors are having a greater influence over a company’s future performance and valuation. Global investors are calling for mandatory inclusion on climate risk disclosures in financial accounts from companies, banks and investors in providing information to stakeholders. 


Sustainable businesses are redefining the corporate ecosystem by designing models that create value for all stakeholders. Investing on sustainability not only will drive innovation, but also creates new business opportunities that meet environmental standards and social needs.


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